Dear Diary,

A girl found a baby bird on the ground one day. It was helpless, dying, alone… She picked it up and held her in her hands. She had nothing to give it, no way to help. She just held the little featherless creature. For two hours she waited, the small things chirps growing ever softer the more time that passed..

Finally, she took it home with her. Found something for the poor thing to eat, the nestling ate like it had never eaten in it’s life. With how young it was was, that was certainly possible. She didn’t sleep the first night she had the tiny bird. She just held it in her arms as it slept, waking up every few hours for food. Aleda’s chirps growing louder and stronger with each feeding. At the end of the week, Aleda opened her eyes for the first time. Her beautiful dark eyes.

Soon, Aleda could stand and started hopping. She could eat solid, live food.

She learned to fly

To hunt.

To sing back to the girl when she whistled.

To fly to her finger when she called.

She had soon grown up and they had to say goodbye.

Aleda found her own flock, made her own nest, raised her own children.

Sometimes when I go outside I see her and I whistle… She still calls back with her sweet song.

-College Kid

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